Why use a Willwriter?

Why don't I do it myself?


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Willwriters deal with wills and trusts exclusively, whereas a solicitor, for whom, incidentally, there is no legal requirement to pass any examination in wills, may deal with various aspects of the law


So, why should you use a willwriter instead of a solicitor?


We refer all willwriting instructions to a specialist team who are part of the Society of Willwriters (SWW) and therefore abide by a strict code of conduct and have recourse to qualified legal advice and counsel to call upon as and when required. In addition, we have taken and passed a written exam after attending a residential training course.


We visit you in the comfort of your own home.


We see solicitors primarily fulfilling a client's wishes, whereas a professional will writer will offer advice.


You are perfectly at liberty to download all the forms you might need from the internet and make your own will or power of attorney.


By definition, you will never know whether or not you did it correctly.


Similarly, you can do all your own plumbing, car maintenance and medical diagnosis using books and the internet - but the chances are you leave it to professionals who you can trust instead.








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