Estate and Probate Services


When making a Will you can choose anyone to act as an executor; this is the person or persons you nominate to carry out your instructions and distribute your estate in accordance with your wishes. In most cases executors are close family members or trusted family friends.

In certain circumstances, professional executors can be called upon and as part of our portfolio of estate planning services, Align Wills and Trusts offers an executor service through SWW Trust Company who offer a professional service at a time when it is most needed - for example, if you know that there will be no-one close who would be able to fulfil the role on your death.

There is a minimum charge for their services when dealing with probate (not payable up front) but the normal charge is just 1.25% (plus VAT) of the value of the estate, plus disbursements.

Compare this to the 4-5% levied by some bank's trust corporations.

However, where there are any Inheritance Tax planning or other specialist trusts either written outside or within your Will, we would always recommend that professional executors and trustees are appointed as joint executors in case family and friends find the task too daunting.   




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