Discretionary Will Trusts


A Discretionary Trust enables part of an estate, principally property or investments, to be put into a special legal entity on behalf of the beneficiaries. The Trust acts as though the assets were owned by the Trustees who can pay out income or capital to classes of beneficiaries at their discretion, although beneficiaries can be nominated by the settlor (the person/s arranging the trust).

Disabled Discretionary Trusts/Long Term Care Manager

We do not plan to be the victims of an accident or a serious illness, neither do we like to think about our day-to-day needs should any of these issues arise, but any of these cases can result in us requiring long term care, depending on the severity and if there are family members who can act as carers.

Family members may be able to care for you in the short term but what happens when they can't ? Perhaps they become ill themselves or die. Many parents with disabled children wish to make provision for continuation of care by leaving a legacy to their child to pay for care which is needed after they have died.

In many cases the State or Local Authority will only pay for a certain level of care if a disabled person has substantial assets of their own and they will be expected to contribute or even pay all the care costs themselves.

We offer planning solutions that can protect  part of your estate so that it is not eaten away by long term care costs for yourself or family.




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