The following is intended as a guide and actual costs will depend on the level of complexity but we will always advise you in advance if the following costs would be exceeded and get you written authority first. Our prices are cheaper than those of high street solicitors in the main (a sample is checked regularly) not because we offer an inferior product or service but because we do not have the high overheads that such practices suffer from.

  • Last Will and Testament (Single Person) - 95 (typical solicitors cost 250 - 350 plus VAT)

  • Last Will and Testament (Couple) - 160 (typical solicitors cost 450 - 650 plus VAT)

  • Lasting Power of Attorney (one) includes registration paperwork - 250 per person* (typical solicitors cost 300 - 450 plus VAT)

  • Lasting Power of Attorney (both documents) includes registration paperwork - 350 per person * (typical solicitors cost 500 - 650 plus VAT)


The price for wills is for a very straightforward one. If we need to create will trusts and sever joint tenancy, then in addition to the cost of the basic wills, the following charges are applicable.

  • Sever joint tenancy - 60

  • Property Protection Trust (for Care Fee planning) - 250 single will, 350 mirror wills. Includes Will(s), severance of joint tenancy and Land Registry search.

  • Flexible Life Interest Trust - added to Property Protective Trust above for 250 per mirror Wills.

  • Discretionary Will Trust to transfer each nil rate band (for inheritance purposes) - 500. Includes 2 x wills and severance of tenancy.

  • Spousal By-Pass Trust (for pension death benefits) - 650 per trust

  • Attestation  Service - 45 (plus mileage if outside 10 miles radius)

Document Storage

  • We can arrange for your wills and associated documents to be stored safely via the Society of Will Writers for a one off fee of 50. Additional documents (house insurance, deeds etc) may also be stored at no additional cost.

  • Secure storage also means that your Will is registered on the national register, should its whereabouts become unknown to the executors.

There is no VAT payable


*Please note that in addition the Office of The Public Guardian charges 110 for registration of each document and this is payable as an additional disbursement when the Power of Attorney is registered.










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